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Tumis Collection

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R 1,100.00

Dutches Dress Shirt

R 1,100.00

Dutches dress shirt

Emerald green number

R 999.00

-Can be dressed with sneakers also.

Flare Modern Xhosa Dress

R 2,500.00

This dress can be done in any coulor combination and even the length can be adjusted to suite ones needs.

R 4,500.00

Formal 3 Piece Suit

R 4,500.00

All colours available on request.

Formal Bottle Green 2 Piece

R 1,500.00

Can also be done with a pencil skirt .

Formal Double Breasted Suit

R 4,000.00

It can be done in different colors and sizes.

R 2,400.00

Formal Maxi dress

R 2,400.00

-Comfortable simple design. -Very chic . -Classic design. -Sophistication and elegance .

Formal Mint Mermaid Skirt and Crop top

R 3,500.00

Formal Mint Mermaid Skirt and Crop top

Free fit jumpsuit palazzo

R 1,399.00

-It can be worn by expecting (pregnant) mommies. -Comfortable and stylish. -Can be worn with a blouse and heels(semi formal look)

Front pleat off shoulder dress

R 1,600.00

-Fresh fun bright numner

Front slit swimming costume coverup

R 699.00

-Chiffon cover  -Sexy but elegant