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Tumis Collection

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Tie dye 3 step dress

R 1,500.00

-This is a cute pattern and also elegant at the same time. -A modern African print dress. -Tye dye print (trendy at the moment). -Suitable for all body types(size and structure) -Remember these are tailor made clothes therefore you can

Tie Dye orange number

R 1,500.00

Amazing fresh trend.

R 2,500.00

Tie dye short suit

R 2,500.00

-Can be worn with either heels or sneakers.

R 1,600.00

tiger pleated dress

R 1,600.00

Can be done with any length of your choice(short, three quarter or ankle length)  

R 2,200.00

Tjale hoody

R 2,200.00

taking pride with who we are.

R 5,800.00

Tsonga gown

R 5,800.00

-This dress can also be done with other Tsonga fabrics(royal blue,green,yellow,series pink,white or royal blue) -It can also be done with an ankle length ,below or above the knee length.

R 2,300.00

Tsonga Medly

R 2,300.00

-Can be worn to a wedding or Malobolo

Tulle maternity robe

R 2,600.00

-For your priceless moment.

Two piece funky long blazer suit

R 3,500.00

Very versatile ,funky & stylish.  

Two Step Pleated Skirt and Floral Shirt

R 1,500.00

Two-Step Pleated Skirt and Floral Shirt.

R 1,700.00

Venda Pencil Peplum

R 1,700.00

Venda Pencil Peplum.

Venda Red Peplum Dress

R 2,300.00

For all body types,size & shape.

vintage melton faux fur coat

R 3,800.00

vintage high fashion coat.

Waist Training Belt / Waist Cincher

R 650.00

-Smooth your belly and back uneveness. -Accelerate postpartum recovery, allowing you to quickly restore slim body. -Support your back and correct the worn posture. -Breathable

White high waisted tracksuit

R 1,400.00

All season suit and extremely comfortable,