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Tumis Collection

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R 2,800.00

Short eyelid suit

R 2,800.00

-It can be worn with sneakers and a t-shirt. -The jacket can be worn with a pair of jeans (heels or sneakers)

Shoulder padded pencil

R 1,400.00

-Can also be worn with sneakers

Shweshwe Poncho Dress

R 1,900.00

Shweshwe poncho dress. Colours: Shweshwe on request.

shweshwe poncho pencil dress

R 1,800.00

this can be done in any shweshwe print/coulor of your choice ,use our line for additional information 0796035529.

Spontaneous colourful maxi

R 1,500.00

-Can be worn with heels.

Standing Cooler Maxi Dress

R 1,700.00

Very stylish and can be warn with heels or flats depending on your occasion.

Styles by Tumi T-shirt kiddies

R 199.00

Everybody needs a T-shirt.  

Styles by Tumi tracksuits

R 1,400.00

All season tracksuits.

Sulphur yellow Sassy satin dress

R 1,500.00

-Cute and sassy. -As usual can also be dressed down with flats.

Super high waisted chiffon cover up

R 1,099.00

Timeless design for all body types.

R 3,800.00

Swati Medly

R 3,800.00

-Morden tradition. -Can be done with other swati prints on request. -Suitable for all body sizes, shape & structure. -Length can be adjusted to suit customers needs (on request).